Our terms and conditions: as unique as your property

1. By placing an order with Neville & Sons you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

2. These Terms & Conditions can be altered at anytime by us without prior notice.

3. The person or company who places the order with Neville and Sons shall be the person or company who remains responsible for payment in full of the invoice for the work completed. No allowance is made for a placement of an order on behalf of a third party.

4. Payment must be made on completion of all work unless agreed with Neville & Sons beforehand.

5. If the cost of the materials for any quote exceeds £2,000.00 then the cost of the materials may be payable in full upon placement of the order with us.

6. Where agreed payment terms have been set in place then these must be strictly adhered to at all times.

7. If any due payment is late then it is within our right to charge a late payment fee (£25.00) and to charge a compounding percentage (10%) for each week payment is withheld.

8. All materials supplied by Neville & Sons remain our property whether fixed or not until payment of invoice is made in full. It is our right to remove such materials whether fixed or not, without prior notice if payment is not made in full.

9. The removal of items and belongings in the vicinity of where the repairs are to be carried out shall be the responsibility of the occupier or the occupiers representative and no responsibility shall be met by Neville & Sons for the damage to any electrical, fragile or high value items that have been left for removal by our engineers.

10. All work is guaranteed for 12 months from point of invoice. Where, if manufacturers offer a longer guarantee then it is up to the end user to deal with the manufacturers directly after the initial 12 month period. Temporary repairs do not come with any guarantee what so ever.




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